68 Thoughts While Watching 13 Going on 30


I’m someone that’s not really confident in making a whole blog post about movies, so, finding this kind of blog post on the internet was really awesome. Shout out to Karina of Afire Pages.

No particular reason why I chose 13 Going On 30 to be the first movie that I’ll make a blog post like this with, it’s just I haven’t seen the movie yet and has been on my Netflix Downloads for over a week now. An old movie, but let’s see.

Let’s begin…

  1. I like the intro. Head Over Heals make me sway.
  2. Uh oh. Here comes the mean girls.
  3. I think I want cute hoop earrings, too. Let’s get it back to trend.
  4. Nice lawn. Must be nice to lie down there at night and stargaze.
  5. I will never be caught wearing something like Jenna’s bangs.
  6. Good thing small cameras were invented.
  7. Yeah, I’m also beautiful in my own way. 😀
  8. I still remember watching the Thriller music video almost everyday years ago.
  9. Aww. Matt is a kind friend.
  10. Fabuloso.
  11. No, Jenna. Not with that attitude.
  12. I don’t want to be 30 yet. 😀 Thriving, yes.
  13. Can I have a wishing dust as well?
  14. “Mom?” with a child’s voice is funny.
  15. I want to go on a cruise.
  16. That ring tone is making me nostalgic.
  17. Way to go, Jenna! You’re a big time magazine editor after all.
  18. How awesome must it be to work for a fashion magazine.
  19. Equivocal. Wait. Let me Google it.
  20. Yellow taxis. Is this New York? Must be.
  21. Oooh. It’s Mark Ruffalo.
  22. Hahahaha.
  23. Awww. Young Mark Ruffalo is so cute.
  24. Wow. Jenna became Six Chick’s leader. Haha.
  25. Aww. They’re so cute together.
  26. Yay! Matty came to the party.
  27. Awww. Cute dogs.
  28. I’ll put on a sheet mask on my face tonight.
  29. Hahaha! Still hasn’t sank in that she’s 30 already huh?
  30. Haha! I’m so enjoying this sarcastic conversation between Lucy and Matt.
  31. Annoying laugh, Alex. Hahaha, But that was funny.
  32. Snort laugh.
  33. Go Jenna and Lucy! Salvage Poise.
  34. Cute folders! I wonder if what will happen if I’ll use those too at the office. Haha.
  35. I remember using those big pens, too. 😀
  36. Oh no. So terrible of you Lucy.
  37. I wonder if she’ll go back to being a 13-year-old again.
  38. I miss my father.
  39. Cute pancake!!
  40. Can it be a little colder here in Manila so I can wear a coat as well?
  41. I should stop comparing but I can’t help it. Ha! I wish we had huge parks nearby as well.
  42. OMG. I like Mark Ruffalo’s smile.
  43. I wonder what Razzles tastes like.
  44. Cute friendship.
  45. Kiss! Kiss!
  46. Yes! They kiiiiissed!
  47. Aww. Haha. How cute of Jenna to have a bunch of teenager girlfriends sleeping over.
  48. Love is a battlefield, indeed.
  49. “Excuse my French.” *snort* I’ll use this next time.
  50. Another line I like: “Cause of death? Chicness.”
  51. Yay! Congratulations, Jenna!
  52. I wish we had this kind of weather – sunny but still cold.
  53. Is Jenna’s bag empty? LOL
  54. Nah. They’re not getting married.
  55. Oh no. Lucy, you’re making me mad.
  56. OMG. It was Jenna giving the Sparkle magazine tips after all.
  57. Smoke is coming out of the road?
  58. So brave.
  59. Heartbreak. Ugh. I hate heartbreaks.
  60. I think I’m going to cry.
  61. I hope the wishing dust will work again.
  62. I want a garden wedding. So much.
  63. Yes! It worked.
  64. Yay for Jenna and Matty!
  65. Aww. They’re really so cute together.
  66. Thank you for the happy ending!!
  67. Pink house! How cute.
  68. Okay. That was a fun movie to watch. 🙂

This should have been 100 Thoughts While Watching something, but I only had 68. Ha! Let’s see in the next movie.

If you’ve read this far, you’re awesome!


14 thoughts on “68 Thoughts While Watching 13 Going on 30

  1. I really liked this post, made me want to watch this film, even though I’ve seen it at least 50 times already! But I haven’t seen it recently. I love the thriller scene,🙌🏽🙌🏽 and when she climbs in the bed with her parents, tear jerker for me!


  2. I haven’t watched 13 Going On 30 before but it is an interesting movie! Oh man, I am getting close to 30. I love that Mark Ruffalo is in the movie. I like the sound of this romance. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  3. Never in my wildest dreams did the idea of writing down my thoughts during watching a movie ever cross my mind. This is genius! Lovely post and I might just try this out too.


  4. I looove that movie, and I had the same thought about razzles, haha! I haven’t seen one in my entire lifetime. It’s probably those popping sour little things?


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