6 Tips To Stay Healthy Inside and Out

adult-backlit-beach-320007I love skin care and I have a lot of skincare products at home. When I’m not too tired from work, I do my best to do as much as possible the 10-step Korean skincare I read online. Hoping I’ll have clearer skin.

But then, one should also take care of the inside and it will radiate to the outside skin. Even though I do my night routine religiously, I still get a pimple here and there. I still look dull sometimes.ย A little background about me, I work at a school. Among other many things, looking presentable to the students, teachers, parents and other clients, and also having a good mood is important to serve them better and do my tasks efficiently.

Below are just some of the things I’ve done to be healthy inside and out:

  • Taking my vitamins and food supplements. It’s rainy season here in the Philippines and getting sick, like cough and colds, is a big NO for me.img_9652
  • Making sure I drink water and keeping hydrated. I also drink tea instead of juice drinks with a high amount of sugar.img_9881
  • Getting enough rest. I make sure to sleep at 11 pm to have 8 hours of sleep.
  • I use products with natural ingredients. I’m lucky enough to have Watsons near at home. They offer a wide variety of products with natural ingredients, and vitamins and supplements I need.
  • Daily exercise is essential. I don’t do vigorous exercise, but I make sure to stretch and move a lot. I also make sure to have a lot of steps in a day. I track it using my Health app. I find it fulfilling to see thousands of steps in one day.
  • Eating my greens and other healthy food. I’m not getting any younger and getting healthy by eating right is one of my priorities. I avoid eating sweets and carbonated drinks as much as possible.

These are just some of the things I do to keep being healthy inside and out and I know there are still a lot of ways. Healthy and glowing skin, starting from the inside is possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know what are some of your ways.

Watsons continues to inspire people to pursue a life of health and wellbeing by offering a wide range of adult vitamins and supplements, and natural bath and oral care products.

Watsons wish to resonate with women looking to improve themselves from the inside out while being socially-conscious and career-driven individuals who opt for products that are better for themselves and the planet.

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