Life Lately: bullet journal, YouTube, vacation


It’s been a while since my last post here. So, I thought I’d do the “if we’re having coffee..” kind of post so we can catch up with what’s been happening.

Grab your mug with your hot coffee (or whatever drinks you prefer and let’s start.


If we’re having coffee, I’d tell you I miss posting personal stuff here on the blog. No sponsored post, no paid ones. Just simply writing what has been up with my life, what I’ve been loving or just anything I want to share just like the old days. I can’t promise I can do it regularly again but I’d love to try. πŸ™‚

If we’re having coffee, I’d tell you I’ve been very consistent with my bullet journal since January. You see, I didn’t buy any planner for this year. I wanted to try bullet journaling. I wanted to make my own spreads and make a tracker of my habits, of my expenses, etc. I was inspired by the YouTubers I watch like AmandaRachLee. If you’re into bullet journal as well, I assume you know her. It was fun doing spreads, doodling and writing faux calligraphies.

If we’re having coffee, I’d tell you that I launched my YouTube channel featuring my bullet journal. I have seven videos of my bujo now and I plan to upload more. I used to upload twice a week but now I only upload every Sunday. I like posting bi-weekly but I haven’t made enough videos to do so. In the coming days, I hope to film in one batch, so I can schedule a bi-weekly post. If you wish to visit my channel, click here. I also still have my old lifestyle and travel vlogs there.

If we’re having coffee, I’d tell you that I went to Baler, Aurora. It’s my first sponsored trip. Thank you so much Avon Philippines and Mullen Lowe! The 3-day trip was so fun and full of learnings. I met new friends as well. It was very heartwarming to know that I’m one of the bloggers they picked to join the trip. I’ll always remember it and will be forever grateful. ^^

If we’re having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m excited about my vacation to Taiwan. Yes, I’m going back to Taiwan for the third time. BUT! I won’t be with Andy, this time I’ll be with my friend, Elaine. Also, we’ll only stay in Kaohsiung. I so look forward to it. Another BUT! (haha) I’m anxious about my travel order (as a government employee, it’s a document I have to show to the Immigration Officer that I can travel outside PH) as it’s been over three months since I applied for it and it never came back still. I don’t know why they keep on doing this. 😦 It takes them months to process when it should be done by one month according to their own memorandum. Fingers crossed I’ll have it before my trip.

I think that’s all I can share for now. πŸ™‚

How about you? What’s been up with your life? Let’s chat in the comments.

Thank you for reading! xoxo

One thought on “Life Lately: bullet journal, YouTube, vacation

  1. So great to hear that you’ve been busy with personal matters which is totally fine! I stopped blogging for I think 6-7 months and going back and forth in the blogging world is such a therapy. I guess is a jumble between experiencing real life and the artistic side of life.

    Have a safe trip to Taiwan! Enjoy! xx

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