Things To Consider When Taking A Selfie

We all know taking selfies has been a huge part of our lives especially now that almost everyone owns a smartphone. With the trend of people waking up and taking selfies, followed by the love of taking a photo at a cute cafe. For some, even a walk in the park. We instinctively love to share what happens through our daily lives, what can I say? We love the satisfaction of taking a photo with a satisfied smile on our faces.Things to consider when taking a selfie

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How to Achieve the Teal Effect on Photos in Three Easy Steps

So many people are into this trend even months before and I think this is kind of a late tutorial. Ha! But for those who doesn’t know how to yet and want to try, then this post is for you. I just recently discovered how to do this while I was playing with the Lightroom app and I loved it! But, I think, this is only best to use for photos with blue color like nature photos of sky and ocean/beach.

Let’s start!

1. Open your Lightroom app and choose the photo you want to edit.

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