Dinner With Grandma

After almost 4 years, I met my grandma again! She flew from Iloilo to visit us and she’ll be staying with us for the next 3 days. I’m happy to see her again. ❤ So, we took her to dinner last night.

We then played at Timezone. Hooray to Iyah for winning 50 tickets every time she play this machine. I tried but I only got 10 tickets. 😂

Fun night! I hope our grandma will enjoy her stay with us. ❤


First Week of 2017

And just like that! Days passed by quickly that we’re now on 2017’s 2nd week. I could say I had a great week last week and I’d like to thank my friends, family and boyfriend for it.

Here goes my first week of the year:

  • Jan. 1st, Sunday. When the clock struck midnight, we had our media noche! We had paella, adobo, grilled fish, buko pandan, pansit, beef tapa, mango float, etc.  Thanks to my sister for preparing all the yummy food. ❤ After that, my sister, Claire, and I watched random YouTube videos, like documentaries and vlogs, until 7 AM.
  • Jan. 2nd, Monday. After almost 8 years, I got reunited with my friend/classmate (from elementary to high school), Rogelyn, and her cousin Alaine (whom who still wants to be called Ashty) haha! We went to Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, Taguig City and had our late lunch at Zark’s Burger. Click here to see more photos. 

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Spontaneous Road Trip // Pasay City to Batangas

Hello there!

It was a holiday last Monday and Tuesday so my sister and I decided to go on a road trip. We didn’t exactly know where to go. All we know is we don’t want to stay at home all day. Haha!

We left the house at 7am but decided to drop by at our sister’s house first. We took the route near the airport and I got nostalgic when I saw the airplanes. While on the way, we saw a side street vendor selling fresh mussels and oysters. We bought oysters and brought it to our sister. Oysters are one of my favorite seafood ever!

After we left our sister’s house, we headed to Tagaytay and had brunch.Read More »

56 days ’til Christmas

56 days before Christmas! Like me, who’s excited here for Christmas? 🙋  I still do not know my plans for Christmas but, I think I’ll spend it at home with my family. (Like last year and the year before.❤) Wish I could spend it with Andy, too, though. I could already imagine how fun and exciting would that be. Decorating the Christmas tree together. Cooking and preparing food together and exchanging gifts. Watch Christmas-themed movies. Visit our friends and family together. Sigh! I miss him so much!

Anyway, how cute is that Christmas decor – small lamps on tree branches. 😍 This photo was taken at the entrance of SM Aura, Taguig City. 

At home, our tree isn’t up yet but, I remember, last year, we already decorated our tree when it was only October. 😁 We’re that excited!

Do you have Christmas decorations at home already? How do you think you’ll spend Christmas this year? 😊

Laid-back Saturday // 04.09.2016

While my sisters are away for their first summer beach getaway at Burias Island, (A ‘Biyahe ni Drew’ Itinerary: How to be a Castaway in Burias Island, Masbate) here I am at home browsing the internet, listening to music and catching up with emails. Not that I didn’t want to come with them but I had to work yesterday until 9:30 pm. It would take them hours to go to the island and their group wanted to see the sunrise so they started to hit the road last night.

With the amount of work and overtimes I had this week, I’m still thankful it’s the weekend and having a laid-back Saturday at home isn’t that bad. Besides, I’ll be on vacation too on the last week of April. One that I’m so excited about and can’t stop talking about with my friend at work. I hope she’s not tired of me mentioning the trip though. LOL!

Also, I decided to join the group, Your Travel Buddies, for a trek again next week. This would be fun!Read More »

Fine Saturday at Circuit Makati


Today, Saturday, I needed to go out of the house because
a.) it’s too hot at home and boring
b.) long weekend is about to end and I’d regret if I would only spend my 4 days off from work browsing the internet and social media
c.) I want to take new pictures for my Instagram. (Haha!) and
d.) I want to give my niece a fun weekend. (She said she had fun. 😜)

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First Week at Bldg A


Hello, guys! 🙂

Last Monday, I started with my new work. At the headquarters of a Japanese retail store here in the Philippines (I wonder if I’ll be working in a Japanese company again on my third work. LOL) and it had been a tiring week. Work is so stressful, really. :/ Good thing is I met new friends I get to chat with during lunch breaks or before and after work (we’re too busy to talk during office hours. LOL) My stomach aches from laughing every time I’m with them and I so love it. They’re my stress reliever at the office. 😀 Read More »