Is Vitamin C Necessary to Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful?

We all know that taking Vitamin C through our food or supplements is beneficial for our health. However, topical Vitamin C is needed to focus on the signs of aging skin. In fact, applying this powerful vitamin directly on your skin is up to twenty times more effective than consuming it orally. A wide range of skin care products that contain Vitamin C is available in lotions and serums. Timeless Skin Care has such products available as well as Hyaluronic Acid serum to ensure the best results. Simply visit to see all the wonderful products.

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A Few Tips on How to Get Job Opportunities

You may be a fresh graduate who is hoping to have a lot of job offers. You may be someone who is wishing that you can leave your current job. There are different reasons why you are searching for new job opportunities. Some people are stuck with doing things that they do not want just to earn money. Without their current jobs, they would not be able to live.

Some people wish that they can just cut through the long process of getting hired just to get their dream job but things do not happen this way. You need more effort for the finance job opportunities that you want.Read More »

How I Recovered My Hacked Instagram Account

How I Recovered My Hacked Instagram Account
One of the many things I don’t like to happen on my social media accounts is to get hacked. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about it. The hacker would delete all the photos and sell the account (if you have thousands of followers) or even worse is when they post nasty things on your behalf. Ugh. Can be really stressful.

Yes, this happened to me months ago and I’ve been extra careful since then for it not to happen again.

It was a lovely evening at a park with my niece, while I was browsing my Instagram, a pop-up message that said I changed my password appeared on my screen. I was surprised as I didn’t do it myself. I told myself that it’s okay, as long as I won’t log out of my IG, I’ll be able to recover it again with my email. I was wrong.Read More »

My Experience with Jet Peel Facial Treatment with Extraction

How annoying is it to have itchy face due to dryness, clogged pores, whiteheads and a few pimples here and there? It’s uncomfortable and even if as much as I want to scratch my face because it might just get worse, sometimes, though, I can’t help it. A visit to a skincare clinic is a must. Also, having rough skin isn’t a good canvass to have makeup on.

On my second visit at Substance: Laser & Skincare, I was recommended to have the Jet Peel Facial Treatment with Extraction. I knew extraction to clean my clogged pores would hurt (at least for me) but I also knew I needed it as I haven’t done it in a long time now, a year even. However, Jet Peel Facial is something I hoped never ended because it’s so relaxing!Read More »

August 2018 Recap | Highlights, Movies, etc. August was filled with everything Korean – especially Korean drama. I’m even writing this today listening to the official sound track of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart. I so love how Kdramas can make me laugh and cry and give me butterflies in my stomach. Are you into kdramas , too? What’s your favorite?

This month, I watched Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart. It’s beautiful! Made me cry a few times and made my heart happy seeing the scenes of Lee Joon-gi and Lee Ji-eun. A lot of people would like to have season two. If there would be, I’ll be one of those people waiting for it.Read More »

Substance: Laser & Skincare | Where Beauty Is Not A Luxury

Substance: Laser & Skincare, a new skin clinic where beauty is not a luxury opened its doors on August 18th and I was one of the lucky bloggers to witness their grand launch.

I, myself, have been battling with pimples and acne scars and sometimes, I am even losing hope if there would still be a chance that my face will get clear again. Derma procedures are always so high above my budget that I’d rely to skincare products in the hope of achieving perfect skin. But then, acne and pimples that I got when I hit puberty already left scars and marks that I’d always need concealers or bb creams to cover it up.

After undergoing treatments from Substance which I narrated below, I’m hopeful I’ll get that smooth skin again. More »

Happy Skin and Kathryn Bernardo Collaboration Saturday, August 18th, Happy Skin launched their newest all-new diffusion cosmetics line called Generation Happy Skin with Kathryn Bernardo. Kathryn who is an actress, author and entrepreneur now added a new title to her growing list of achievements: makeup collaborator. It has always been a dream for her to be hands-on with creating a makeup line. She shared that ever since, she has liked the quality of Happy Skin’s makeup and that it’s very important for her that she believes in the brand she’s collaborating with. Happy Skin was the perfect avenue for her to express her belief that simple can be beautiful.

I got excited receiving an invite to witness this launch as I, myself, is also a fan of Happy Skin, the pioneer of skin-caring makeup. Generation Happy Skin speaks to a new breed of women who believe that good skin is a priority and who are after effortless, everyday makeup. It took them two years to materialize and was developed specifically to reflect Kathryn’s personality: it’s authentic, ace and accessible.Read More »