BDJ PLANNER 2021 ⭐︎ Belle de Jour Power Planner 2021 flip-through πŸ““πŸ–‹

Hello guys! Curious to know what’s inside BDJ Planner 2021? Here’s a flip through I made for you. πŸ€— BDJ Planner is my favorite (you’ll see my past planners at the end of the video) and I’m glad I’ll be using it again for 2021. Having a new planner or a bullet journal always excites me to start a brand new year. πŸ˜ƒ Do you feel the same way? Hehe

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bullet journal header ideas: July πŸ’– colorful and easy title lettering ideas

July is coming so here are header or title lettering ideas for your journal and bullet journals. These headers can be used on notes, as well. They’re very easy and so colorful!

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DIY Personalized Notebook cover


For 2020, I’ll be using the Limelight dotted notebook. It will be my first time using the brand but I’m excited because I’ve read a lot of great reviews about it.

If you didn’t know, I’ve been doing bullet journal since January 2019 and I’m planning to continue doing it this 2020. I’m even excited about the new year already so I could use my notebook, pens and other stationery items I recently bought.Read More »

Feels like Freedom with Avon Fashions Body Illusion

Many years ago, I’m guilty of not really knowing much about shopping for bras. When I’m at a store, I’d try it on and when I think it feels comfortableΒ enough, I’d buy it. Little did I know, after using it for the whole day, it’s only when I could feel something’s not quite right. Like, it can be uncomfortable, especially that I move and walk around a lot with my work.

Underwears are only a small item of clothing, but can be the hardest to buy. You wouldn’t want to end up buying a wrong pair.Read More »

July 2018 Recap | Highlights, Lessons + Vlog month has passed by so another recap on this blog on how my July went. How awesome that days are just zipping by making it closer to December. 143 days ’til Christmas, the day I’ve been patiently waiting for. I have been counting down since last month because I so can’t wait to be with my boyfriend again.

Last night, as I was pondering on how my July went, I thought it’s been a busy month with work. When I took a look at my planner, most of the days has really been about work, how busy it’s been and all the rants I wrote about work in there. Makes me think I should stop writing rants on my planner since it’s where I wanted to look back on memorable, happy days.Read More »

June 2018 Goals

Simple goals I want to achieve for the month of June:

1. Walk 5,000+ steps everyday. Since I don’t go to the gym anymore or workout at home, I thought I’d make it a point to do this to at least be active or be on the move everyday. More steps also means more calories burnt, right? My work is also all about sitting and be in front of the computer so I think I need more walks in my life. I’ll be using an app called “Health” for this. This will also motivate me to walk more especially on weekends when I only want is to sleep, sit or lay down all day.Read More »

May 2018 Highlights

A month has gone past and a new school year will start again on Monday. I may not be a student but I work at a school so I’m having mixed emotions about this. I’m cool with it but I know the paperwork will double as we have more enrollees than last year. But then again, I might get transferred to another office, if that happens, I won’t handle senior high school teachers and students concerns anymore. This change of environment excites me! We’ll see about it.

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My Top 5 Free Photo and Video Editing Apps

Who else here likes to process the photos and videos first before posting on social media to make them look more presentable? πŸ™‚ In this post, I’ll share my top 5 free photo and video editing apps that I use.

🌸 SnapseedΒ – This is my go-to app when I’m editing photos for my blog and other social media. With Snapseed, I can enhance my photos with just a little tweak in brightness, ambience and other features of this app and I’ll have a presentable photo already.Read More »