My Experience with Jet Peel Facial Treatment with Extraction

How annoying is it to have itchy face due to dryness, clogged pores, whiteheads and a few pimples here and there? It’s uncomfortable and even if as much as I want to scratch my face because it might just get worse, sometimes, though, I can’t help it. A visit to a skincare clinic is a must. Also, having rough skin isn’t a good canvass to have makeup on.

On my second visit at Substance: Laser & Skincare, I was recommended to have the Jet Peel Facial Treatment with Extraction. I knew extraction to clean my clogged pores would hurt (at least for me) but I also knew I needed it as I haven’t done it in a long time now, a year even. However, Jet Peel Facial is something I hoped never ended because it’s so relaxing!Read More »

Substance: Laser & Skincare | Where Beauty Is Not A Luxury

Substance: Laser & Skincare, aย new skin clinic where beauty is not a luxury opened its doors on August 18th and I was one of the lucky bloggers to witness their grand launch.

I, myself, have been battling with pimples and acne scars and sometimes, I am even losing hope if there would still be a chance that my face will get clear again. Derma procedures are always so high above my budget that I’d rely to skincare products in the hope of achieving perfect skin. But then, acne and pimples that I got when I hit puberty already left scars and marks that I’d always need concealers or bb creams to cover it up.

After undergoing treatments from Substance which I narrated below, I’m hopeful I’ll get that smooth skin again. More »

Snapshots // Seaside

Haven’t been here for months and I miss watching the sunset from here while eating something I bought at the food stalls. One can also watch the fireworks display here every Friday and Saturday night or when there is a pyromusical competition. Fortunately, I had to chance again to witness the sunset from the seaside last Tuesday and I also took pictures for you, guys, to see. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy!



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‘Til Next Time

I used to get excited for my last day at work. Especially last Monday, I can’t stop getting excited for Friday to come already. But since last Wednesday, while training the new staff, I couldn’t stop thinking how I’d miss everyone from the bank. Especially my colleagues from the Human Resource Department.

What touches my heart too are the well wishes from other department. Even from those employees I don’t talk much. :’) From employees I considered my friends. From employees of other departments that I get to work with. From the security guards. From my lunch buddy, Sem. Read More »