The Awesome Blogger Award

How lovely it is to get noticed by other bloggers and get nominated to this kind of award. To be honest, this would be my first time in doing this. Even though I used to not participate in blogging awards, I appreciate them.

I’d love to thank Ari for nominating me. I really appreciate that she chose me as one of her nominees. Also, let’s all congratulate her because she reached another milestone in her blog – she reached 1,000 followers! Go check out her blog, I promise you’ll love it. ❤️

I listed my three favorite posts from her blog:
📌 7 Ways to Style a Bandana
📌 How To Look Stylish While On A Budget
📌 Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Should Have
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The Happy List | Vol. 08

It’s been raining for days now and I love it! Though, it’s a little inconvenient because i go to work walking in it, this long weekend made up for it. It can rain all it want because I’m only staying at home with my hot chocolate drink and Korean dramas. And another thing I’m thankful about this rain is it gives a cool weather. What’s the weather in your area now?

Also, students are back to school. Seeing them makes me miss my high school life and friends.

Anyway, here’s my happy list:Read More »

Love > Distance: Together Again // Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill

February 25th. Even before Andy was here in Manila, I’ve been to Venice Piazza Mall once.

It was a weekend and we originally didn’t have a plan to go out of town so we decided to go here instead. Also, we decided to make it as a meeting place to meet one of our friends, Sofia. It’s our first time to meet Sofia! It was really nice to know more about Sofia, too. She’s bubbly and talkative. I’m awkward in real life (haha!) but I got comfortable talking with her and we’d laugh to certain topics too.

Me, Sofia and Andy

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Once an Acquaintance

Sunday, December 6th, I thought the highlight of this day is meeting the bloggers I adore. Instead it was the time I spent with Elaine. Don’t get me wrong, last Sunday was fun — meeting the bloggers, take photos with them and a little chat. But knowing someone I thought I knew already was so much more.Read More »

BESTIES by Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson


In this digital age where everything’s just a click away, where you could follow your beauty or fashion icons in all of her social media, there’s a point where you get jealous of what they have because of what you see on the photos they post or how they get so beautiful in the magazine covers. You know that their photos for magazines or billboards undergo Photoshop, yet you still see them as the epitome of beauty. I’m guilty of that. I thought they have a perfect life and wished I was them. But no. They’re people like us too that also have their highs and lows, they also had horrible relationships and have been dumped. They also go through with everything that normal girl experiences. They too struggle with people trying to put them down and everyone who judges them.

With this book, they let us know their experiences and share what they went through. They both know that they’re not experts in life but with this book they can give us that extra boost to face challenges, to know that we are not alone and to also be open minded in women being supportive and learning from each other.

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Classic Map

Went to the nearest mall to meet Marnie today and I didn’t know she had another plan. She wanted to go to Jackman Plaza in Quezon City to attend an event. Problem is she doesn’t know where the place exactly is.
She knew I’m so fond of using my Google Map but we can’t connect to the mall’s Wi-Fi earlier. Google Map was of no use. She kept on texting her other friends about the location but they, too, do not know. She was so worried (but is still laughing. Lol) because she really wanted to attend this event and she want me to accompany her.
And *:idea:* I got an idea! I dragged her inside the bookstore and showed her the maps! Haha!


It was a huge map of Metro Manila. And Quezon City is a huge city too! We only had three hints or clues about the whereabouts of this Jackman Plaza. A.) It’s in Quezon City, B.) It’s in Roosevelt and C.) is surrounded by streets named after some of Philippines provinces like Abra and Ilocos Sur.
I think we spent searching the place for 10-15 minutes until we finally found it.


And off we went to Jackman Plaza. It took us 2 hours to get there via bus. Whew! I even fell asleep inside the bus.
It was all worth it though seeing Marnie so giddy and happy on the event. 🙂
I think I did a good job as a friend today. Haha! ❤

She's just excited. Sorry. Haha!