Love > Distance: Together Again // Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill

February 25th. Even before Andy was here in Manila, I’ve been to Venice Piazza Mall once.

It was a weekend and we originally didn’t have a plan to go out of town so we decided to go here instead. Also, we decided to make it as a meeting place to meet one of our friends, Sofia. It’s our first time to meet Sofia! It was really nice to know more about Sofia, too. She’s bubbly and talkative. I’m awkward in real life (haha!) but I got comfortable talking with her and we’d laugh to certain topics too.

Me, Sofia and Andy

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Once an Acquaintance

Sunday, December 6th, I thought the highlight of this day is meeting the bloggers I adore. Instead it was the time I spent with Elaine. Don’t get me wrong, last Sunday was fun β€” meeting the bloggers, take photos with them and a little chat. But knowing someone I thought I knew already was so much more. Continue reading

BESTIES by Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson


In this digital age where everything’s just a click away, where you could follow your beauty or fashion icons in all of her social media, there’s a point where you get jealous of what they have because of what you see on the photos they post or how they get so beautiful in the magazine covers. You know that their photos for magazines or billboards undergo Photoshop, yet you still see them as the epitome of beauty. I’m guilty of that. I thought they have a perfect life and wished I was them. But no. They’re people like us too that also have their highs and lows, they also had horrible relationships and have been dumped. They also go through with everything that normal girl experiences. They too struggle with people trying to put them down and everyone who judges them.

With this book, they let us know their experiences and share what they went through. They both know that they’re not experts in life but with this book they can give us that extra boost to face challenges, to know that we are not alone and to also be open minded in women being supportive and learning from each other.

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Classic Map

Went to the nearest mall to meet Marnie today and I didn’t know she had another plan. She wanted to go to Jackman Plaza in Quezon City to attend an event. Problem is she doesn’t know where the place exactly is.
She knew I’m so fond of using my Google Map but we can’t connect to the mall’s Wi-Fi earlier. Google Map was of no use. She kept on texting her other friends about the location but they, too, do not know. She was so worried (but is still laughing. Lol) because she really wanted to attend this event and she want me to accompany her.
And *:idea:* I got an idea! I dragged her inside the bookstore and showed her the maps! Haha!


It was a huge map of Metro Manila. And Quezon City is a huge city too! We only had three hints or clues about the whereabouts of this Jackman Plaza. A.) It’s in Quezon City, B.) It’s in Roosevelt and C.) is surrounded by streets named after some of Philippines provinces like Abra and Ilocos Sur.
I think we spent searching the place for 10-15 minutes until we finally found it.


And off we went to Jackman Plaza. It took us 2 hours to get there via bus. Whew! I even fell asleep inside the bus.
It was all worth it though seeing Marnie so giddy and happy on the event. πŸ™‚
I think I did a good job as a friend today. Haha! ❀


She's just excited. Sorry. Haha!

Online Friends I’ve Never Met in Real Life, But Hope to Soon

image Making friends online is something I really love. It makes me happy that when I log in, there’s someone that I particularly know even if I haven’t met him/her before. I’m online every day, so to meet friends there, as time goes by, is inevitable. Below are just some of the people whom I consider as my friend that I wish I’ll have the chance to meet in person.

1. Kristina H. β€” we’re friends on Facebook.Β  She’s American and has a Filipino husband. It all started when I bought a book last 2010 and I foundΒ  many teenagers’ name on the first few pages of the giving reviews of the said book. I was 19 then and was bored (haha!) that I tried searching all the name on Facebook (I only have Facebook back then.) and her name was one of the few names I found successfully (or that they have a Facebook account on the same name they had on the book.) She accepted my friend request and we had a small talk, getting to know each other. She just had given birth to her first child this March.

2. Patrick C. β€” this Filipino guy would always tap the heart button on my Instagram photos. Haha! It jist went like that for a few weeks until I decided to engage in a conversation with him.

3. Alexandre P. β€” we used to have Blackberry phones and we first talked on BBM. He’s from Belgium. Almost 3 years later or 4 (?) we would still chat on Twitter and Kik and I learnt a lot from him about himself, his country, their weather, etc. It was only last December though that we thought to send cards to each other. I sent him a card and he successfully received it (it was my first time to send a card!!)

4. Kathelyn S. and Ayessa β€” these two Filipino ladies whom I met through Twitter is very dear to me. We’re actually four who would talk on Twitter always but our other girl friend died unexpectedly. 😦 It was just one day when we noticed that Mae (not her real name. I forgot her real name) haven’t logged in on Twitter a few days or weeks already. Kathelyn who’s friends with Mae on Facebook saw on Mae’s account that she passed away already. It was last 2011/2012 I guess. We were morose of what happened to her and prayed that the suspect will be caught. As of now, I don’t have any idea what happened to the case. Mae’s place is far from Manila that we can’t visit her. Anyway, Ayessa is working as a nurse in Riyahd now.

5. Bryan A. β€” we both joined in a contest hosted by @ohteenquotes on Twitter, though we both lost. Haha! But, see? I gained a friend! πŸ™‚ he used to work at one of the restaurant at the mall that is near my place but we never had the chance to meet.

6. Loida B. β€” I think it was last 2009 when I first talked to her. It started on Uzzap, a chat application that’s popular here in the Philippines during that year. She’s one pretty lady.

7. Nicole D. β€” a Filipino but is living in Canada. She’s also a fan of Island Media Asia (a group of 7 men who are half Filipinos and is making videos about Filipino cultures on YouTube) and we first met through Twitter last 2013. She came here in the Philippines last year but I never had the chance to go to the swimming party she organized. 😦 see you next time, Nicole!

8. Renalyn B. β€” my dear friend on Facebook started last 2010. A Filipino but is living in Arizona with her family. We used to talk a lot until late night on Facebook but as times goes by, we grew apart. She then deactivated her account. It was only last month when she followed me on Instagram and when I saw her name, I was nostalgic. All the memories (more like chat conversations. Haha) flooded in my mind.

9. Jina – also a fan of Island Media Asia. We met through Facebook and talked about IMA and how she would love to meet IMA too someday. She’s Filipino but is living in Australia.

10. WordPress people β€” of course! Ever since I made an account here, I gained people whom I could consider my friend. WordPress has such a friendly community! Thank you all! πŸ™‚ I really hope I could get to meet you all!

❀ ❀, Glaiza πŸ‘― image

Strangers to Friends



Yesterday was my last day at Bureau of Customs as a student trainee. How time flies so fast when you’re having fun! I felt like it was just last week when I first took the entrance exam and the interview. Oh well!
On the picture were my co-interns who became my friends eventually. Though they finished their training before me, we all still get in touch through our social networking sites and I miss them so much!
Yesterday, I was the ONLY (out of 14) trainee left (at least at the Administrative Division) and it was so boring! I missed our talks and jokes. I ate alone. I did the tasks alone. *sigh*
Thanks to BoC that even though we all came from different universities, we all met up and had a bond. Of course, thank you also to our Chief, supervisors and mentors! ‘Til we meet again. ❀

The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith


Warning: Might have some spoilers. ✌

I loved the plot of this novel and loved how this book showed that distance can’t separate two hearts that really care. πŸ™‚

By reading this book, I could also imagine that I’m traveling with the two main characters, Owen and Lucy. It’s actually what I wanted to do, to travel. I’m a wanderlust but as of now I would only get to explore Manila and the nearby places/provinces because of lack of budget. 😜 I hope I could travel farther when I graduate.

Just like Owen and Lucy, I had also lived at different places and I know how hard it is to start over again especially at school. New environment and new people to talk to. One thing I loved about it, though, is that I gained friends everywhere we lived and I’m happy that I still have communications with mostly of them.

Of all the chapters, my two favorites are Chapters 33 & 34. Hihi. 😁 you’ll know why if you’ll read the book. I loved the ending that they _________ but after reading it you’d wish that you had the book’s sequel. So, yeah, I wish there would be a sequel.

Owen and Lucy had sent postcards to each other that it made me want to try it, too. I haven’t done that in my whole life! Good thing, though, I have this friend who’s at Belgium and I’m happy that he agreed that I’ll send him a postcard. πŸ˜€


I’m glad that he’s willing to send one to me, too! As we were chatting earlier, I was already excited to receive it and to send his way. Haha. After our class, together with Alona, we went to a bookstore to buy postcards and a card to send to my friend who’s at Belgium. I’m so thrilled with this idea. 😄😄

The parents of Owen and Lucy were very supportive about the plan the two had and I was just like, Wow! I bet my mother won’t let me fly across the ocean just to see someone I hardly knew. 😜

Quotes from the book:
1. β€œThere’s a difference between loneliness and solitude.”
2. “There was no point in waiting for someone who hadn’t asked, and there was no point in wishing for something that would never happen.”
3. β€œYou can’t know the answer until you ask the question.”
4. “the most basic sort of love: to be worried about the one who was worrying about you.”

There you go, my thoughts about the book. Sorry if I revealed too much, I just can’t help it. ✌ I hope you would still give this book a try, you’ll love it, too. ❀ Wishing for a sequel!