The Happy List // January 2017

Happy February to you all!
The month that I’ve been waiting for is finally here! Why? It’s because I’ll be with Andy again. For those who do not know, I’m in a long distance relationship. Nine months ago, we met for the first time in Taiwan and we had an amazing 14 days together. This February, he’ll visit me here in the Philippines and I’m so excited! ❤

Anyway, this January, I had a lot of fun memories – big and small. I’m so glad January flew by smoothly leaving me things to be happy and thankful about. Continue reading

The Happy List | Vol. 05

Hello! 🙂

I just realized that it’s been a year since the last time I posted a happy list! I don’t know what happened why I stopped doing it. But here I am again with another list.

My happy list:

🔹I’m currently reading The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes and even though I’m still at chapter 8, I know I’d love it.

🔹I won a book from a blogger from Korea! It’s Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses. Maybe I’ll receive the book in two weeks. Continue reading

Childhood Nostalgia


In one month and a few days, I’ll be celebrating my birthday. As I sit here thinking I’ll be another year older (and hoping and praying, wiser and happier, too) I can’t help but reminisce the past.
Mostly, fun times with cousins and school friends. Vivid memories of enjoyable and entertaining times. Invaluable is challenging bloggers to remember their favorite past time. Depending on what your favorite past times are you can relive them again with resources like and their featured collectibles.

Here’s top 5 flashbacks:

🔹My cousin’s family owned (apparently, until now) a rice powder machine and every time a customer leaves, we’d collect leftover and when we had enough, we’d make a dough and play with our cooking toy set. We would also use leaves and petals, any thing we thought we could “cook” actually. 😀
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What Happy Looks Like


Who have read This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith? In that book, Elise listed things what happy looks like for her. Some of things she (and Graham) listed are things that brings me joy and for sure for some other people, too.

After a moment of pondering, I came up with three big ones of what happy looks like to me.
1. Knowing you’re with someone who loves and accepts you. I feel so happy and blessed thinking about that. ❤

2. I get to do things I love — travel, taking photos and sharing them to my social media, and my other hobbies. Continue reading

Instagram Round Up // Watercolor Calligraphy


As some of you, guys, already know, I really want to learn watercolor calligraphy. It’s a hobby I want to master. I want to make beautiful works that I’d be so proud of to share. In my case, I still have lots of practice to do and I believe I’ll get to that. Heh! 😉 Of course, as a newbie, I have people I look up to. They’re an inspiration in this field of art. Every time I browse their feed, my heart flutters seeing their beautiful works. Sometimes, you’d find me watching YouTube videos related to watercolor calligraphy, too. I follow A LOT there. 😀
Today, I’ll share some of Instagram accounts I get inspiration from: Continue reading

Instagram Roundup: Food Photography


So many good food photos from Instagram! So many IG accounts to follow when you want some inspiration on what to cook or prepare for your loved ones. Below are just some of the accounts that’s worth a follow. Enjoy!

1. tenthousandthspoon

Ube jam on toast 💜

A post shared by @tenthousandthspoon on

2. secretsquirrelfood

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