journal with me: June 2020 Playlist ✩ 2020 Creative Journaling Challenge

Hello, friends! 🥰 In this journal with me video, I’m going to make a page for my June 2020 playlist. This prompt is from  @Abbey Sy ‘s 2020 Creative Journaling Challenge. For the first time, I’m using the unicorn stickers that I bought from Mumuso and my new pink grid washi tape. 💖

Enjoy the video!

20 Songs To Listen To On A Rainy Day

20 Songs To Listen To On A Rainy DayIt’s rainy season here in the Philippines and on weekends when I’m just at home, I find myself getting a little sentimental. But also it’s so peaceful to just hear the rain tapping on the window. It makes me calm.

Listening to music has also been my favorite. With a cup of a hot drink, I listen to these songs. And most of them are mellow tunes. I inserted their links if you want to listen to them on Spotify.Read More »

The Benefits of Music Therapy

There are a lot of people who do not realize that there is so much that music can do for them. Even people who say that they do not like music usually listen to some songs just to calm down. The good news is that there is no need to download the songs anymore to the point that they will take up a lot of space on your device. What you can just do now is to check out music live streams. You will stream the music that you want easily.

There are different people who undergo music therapy in order to feel better about the things that they are going through in life. Some people do it because they feel that the medication that they have to take do not work anymore in improving the way that they feel. Music therapy can come in different forms. There are some people who would write music. Some would play musical instruments. There are also some people who would check live video streams of their favorite musicians singing their favorite songs.Read More »

Current Playlist


I don’t listen to music very often and I’m not always updated to new released songs as well. Sad, right? But when I’m in the mood to listen to music, I’d replay them more than once. I currently have a playlist with my recent choice of songs and I thought I’d share them here. 🙂

1. The Little Prince – RYEOWOOK (I don’t  understand the lyrics since it’s Korean but I love the melody. :))
2. Roses – The Chainsmokers
3. Perfect – One Direction Read More »

Always Be — Holly Maher

Always Be

I wake to find your hand in mine
We must have fell asleep last night, just right
The sunlights dancin’ through the blinds
The day is waiting on the line just outside, oo

Will you always be my love?
Will you always be my love?

Now cars are passing
and birds are laughing
as trees are holding up the sky in the window
do they feel it,
have they seen it grow
have they been watching us
do they know?

Will you always be my love?
Will you always be my love?

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