The Hottest Couples Shades from Ray-Ban are Out this Summer

Ray-Ban boasts an impressive collection of timeless and modern designs that they’ve managed to refine over the years. It has shaped every person’s fashion wardrobe and has consistently been everyone’s go-to accessory to complete any look. With the intense summer heat and sunlight, a good pair of sunglasses is a staple piece to complete your summer #OOTD. Ray-Ban sunglasses are perfect to shield your eyes from the harsh sunlight and at the same time, up your fashion game! Time and time again, Ray-Ban proves that their innovations, unique styles, and features will never be outdated. This summer, Ray-Ban aims to highlight each couple’s bond and unity and make them standout which is why they just released the newest and the hottest couple shades, the Chris and Erika. 

 (Left to Right) Back Row: Erika – RB4171F/6393/7, Erika – RB4171F-6392-7 ;

          Front Row: Chris – RB4187F-6392-7,Chris – RB4187-6393-2 Read More »

I Think I Like Pink ☾

I Think I Like Pink ☾

If you’ll ask me what my favorite color is years ago, I won’t answer pink. Not even in my top five favorites. Since, maybe around 2017, though, I started on buying pink stuff as I thought, until now, it’s a pretty color.

I also love having white tops as they go very well with whatever color of bottoms you have. Read More »

Venice Piazza, Grand Canal Mall McKinley Hill

The popular and historic Italian city inspired Venice Piazza’s architecture which gives a romantic ambiance.

This is perfect for the lovers and hopeless romantics alike. Without having to leave the country, this place takes you to another world and offers an unforgettable romantic experience. International dining in an Italian setting can only be experienced here in the metro.

We also have events weekly that can make your weeknights more exciting. [source]

Last January 2, I was able to finally go to this pretty place in Taguig City. I’ve been wanting to go here for a long time now as I’m always seeing it on my Facebook news feed. I’m curious as to what made people like this place to go to.

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Dora Went To Work


I was required to go to work last Saturday even though weekends are my days off from work to finish some stuff and help organizing documents at our department. I didn’t have plans to go somewhere else after work so I opted for a lazy outfit. I just wore pink shirt, yellow shorts, my white flats and white bag.

“Dora came to work! Where’s Diego?” said the security guard.

Haha! Ugh. I only noticed that I somehow imitated Dora The Explorer with my outfit. It was embarrassing yet we all had a good laugh which is fine because it made my day less boring. 😀Read More »

A day out at the park


It had been days too since I got out of the house. Staying at home is driving me crazy. LOL. I know what will make me feel better though — some fresh air and sunlight. Together with Marnie, we went to Ayala Triangle, a park in Makati City. Just stayed there for a few hours taking pictures and talked about random things. We even met DJ Karen Bordador of Monster Radio at the park! 😍

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The sun is out | OOTD


As I have mentioned in my previous post, I spent a day with my friend and part of it was taking photos. Today, I’ll finally share them here in my blog. 🙂 After a week of rain, the sun finally came out. It was both a sunny and windy day which I really love. ❤ Wore this mustard colored blouse and floral skirt, and matched with a shoulder bag and nude flats. A very simple outfit, really. Heh! 🙂

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