Wedding of the Century Bridal Fair + Directory of Top Caliber Wedding Suppliers | Philippines

Wedding of the Century Bridal Fair + Directory of Top Caliber Wedding Suppliers | PhilippinesI attended the Wedding of the Century Bridal Fair last Saturday and got captivated by the elegant wedding gown and classic suit creations of their featured designers. Which my hope of getting married soon intensified (no pressure, bf). Seeing myself wear one of the designs, especially of Chynna Mamawal, would be a dream come true!

In a fashion show way, the event showcased the new creations of Kim Jao, Edwin Uy, Dave Ocampo and Chynna Mamawal. With wedding songs at the background, I found myself thinking of my own wedding while longingly gazing on the robes, wedding gowns and suits on the run way.Read More »

The Dessert Museum in Manila

I think this is by far the cutest museum I’ve been to! I went here with my boyfriend and we got our discounted ticket from Klook. *Heres ₱ 170.8 off your first unique travel experience with Klook!*

The Dessert Museum has eight rooms featuring these desserts:

  • Donuts
  • Marshmallows
  • Candy Canes
  • Ice Cream
  • Bubble Gum
  • Gummy Bears
  • Cotton Candy
  • CakesRead More »

May 2018 Highlights

A month has gone past and a new school year will start again on Monday. I may not be a student but I work at a school so I’m having mixed emotions about this. I’m cool with it but I know the paperwork will double as we have more enrollees than last year. But then again, I might get transferred to another office, if that happens, I won’t handle senior high school teachers and students concerns anymore. This change of environment excites me! We’ll see about it.

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LDR Couple Play Bowling Again After A Year

Andy and I always make it a point to do something memorable everyday every time we meet.IMG_1469[1]

For almost a year of not being together, I really missed playing bowling with him. I find it very exciting and fun. I also always looking forward to win against him. Haha! Coincidentally, we played again last March 5, 2018, the same month and day as last year. Also, last year, I won against him. 😀Read More »

Love > Distance: Together Again // Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill

February 25th. Even before Andy was here in Manila, I’ve been to Venice Piazza Mall once.

It was a weekend and we originally didn’t have a plan to go out of town so we decided to go here instead. Also, we decided to make it as a meeting place to meet one of our friends, Sofia. It’s our first time to meet Sofia! It was really nice to know more about Sofia, too. She’s bubbly and talkative. I’m awkward in real life (haha!) but I got comfortable talking with her and we’d laugh to certain topics too.

Me, Sofia and Andy

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Love > Distance: Together Again // a trip to National Museum

February 24th. We started our day with a breakfast at Mang Inasal. I ordered grilled chicken. Andy ordered grilled chicken too but with a side of palabok and lumpia. I don’t usually eat palabok, I don’t know why, but I gave it a try again and it was good! I’ll order the next time. I always have a full tummy every time I leave Mang Inasal.

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Boyfriend Tag

Hello, guys! 😀

I first learned this Boyfriend Tag on YouTube as most of the YouTubers I follow have done this with their boyfriends. A fun way to see if your boyfriend remember things about you or your relationship.

After dating for over a year and a few months, I’m pretty sure Andy and I have talked a lot of things already. Read on and find out if he answered all the questions I asked him about me. 😁

1. I’m sitting in front of the tv, what is on the screen? 

🔸 Thelatest episode of a documentary *you know me very well. Haha*

2. You know how much I like flowers but, what kind of flower is my favorite?

🔸Tulips *riiiight 😍😍*Read More »

Worth The Wait ❤

Oh wow! It’s been a month since my last post. Hello there! 🙂

I dropped by to share this photo.


Some of you may know that I’m in a long distance relationship (we first talked here in WordPress. You may visit his blog The Wandering Poet) and I’m very happy to announce that we finally met. Aaah! I waited for this meeting for a year and finally I were in his arms. The photo was taken In Taiwan and it was my birthday on that day, too. Best birthday ever because I was with him. 😍 Everyday with him is so memorable and I miss him terribly.  😦 I’m back here in Manila, he’s back in Vancouver and yep, we’re back in talking through the screen once again. But I’m very sure I’ll see him again in the future and I so can’t wait. I love him so much!