Love > Distance: Together Again // Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill

February 25th. Even before Andy was here in Manila, I’ve been to Venice Piazza Mall once.

It was a weekend and we originally didn’t have a plan to go out of town so we decided to go here instead. Also, we decided to make it as a meeting place to meet one of our friends, Sofia. It’s our first time to meet Sofia! It was really nice to know more about Sofia, too. She’s bubbly and talkative. I’m awkward in real life (haha!) but I got comfortable talking with her and we’d laugh to certain topics too.

Me, Sofia and Andy

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Spontaneous Road Trip // Pasay City to Batangas

Hello there!

It was a holiday last Monday and Tuesday so my sister and I decided to go on a road trip. We didn’t exactly know where to go. All we know is we don’t want to stay at home all day. Haha!

We left the house at 7am but decided to drop by at our sister’s house first. We took the route near the airport and I got nostalgic when I saw the airplanes. While on the way, we saw a side street vendor selling fresh mussels and oysters. We bought oysters and brought it to our sister. Oysters are one of my favorite seafood ever!

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This photo was taken inside Taipei Zoo. We passed by twice here but only on the second time did I notice it. It’s interesting for me and I was curious, too, why they put it there. But I had no one to ask about it. So the what I did is just take a photo of it with my shoes thinking I could share it to Instagram. 😀

Daily Post Photo Challenge :: FACE

Snapshots // Seaside

Haven’t been here for months and I miss watching the sunset from here while eating something I bought at the food stalls. One can also watch the fireworks display here every Friday and Saturday night or when there is a pyromusical competition. Fortunately, I had to chance again to witness the sunset from the seaside last Tuesday and I also took pictures for you, guys, to see. 😉 Enjoy!



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