A Moment to Remember is a movie to remember

If  a movie made me cry, that will certainly have a place in my heart. Expect that I won’t forget it and I’d encourage my family and friends to watch it, too. Last night, I watched a movie titled A Moment to Remember.


A 2004 Korean love story about a young couple’s enduring love, which is tested when 27 year old Sun-jin os diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease.

The story is actually simple, but the casts did a great job of portraying their roles and the direction was well done.
The movie also teaches some things that we should learn in life. You’ve surely heard these before, but they’re also something that we sometimes take for granted. *cough* guilty.


1. Forgive.

Forgiving is just giving your hate a little room in your heart.

Quoted the main characters on that.
2. Tell someone you love them before it’s too late.
The feelings after watching the movie felt surreal!  THE FEELS! Intense! The husband’s love for his wife is so deep. They’re made for each other. I watched the scene where they’re at the store for the second time and it got me teary eyed again! If I’ll still watch it for the third time, I think I’ll still gonna cry. It’s just beautiful that all her families were there to help her remember where she and her husband first met.. The ending, too, is something that I really love. That three words never sounded so beautiful.
“You’re so emotional!”, said my friend months ago and I can still remember it. Haha! That’s true! I cry easily, but I can’t remember a time that I cried this much over a movie while watching and after watching it. Cheol-su is bae 😍😍😜
Congratulations to the casts, director and the writers of the said movie. You, guys, did an amazing job! The music at the ending too is something that I won’t dare not pointing out in this post. Even though I can’t understand it because of the language, I could feel how beautiful it is.
Looking forward to watch another tear jerking movie! 😀 I admit I’m a hopeless romantic and I love movies like that. I found the full movie with English subtitles here.

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