Requirements to Travel Abroad for Philippines’ Government Employees

img_1605When I travel abroad, one of the things I have to do is to apply for a Travel Permit or an Authority to Travel Abroad or also know as Travel Order. For government employees like me, I need to have it for the immigration officer to let me go outside of the country.

I have applied thrice for a permit to travel. It’s easy and I apply 2 to 3 months before my departure date to make sure I’ll have the documents on-hand to show to the immigration officer.

You may read the Department of Education ORDER here.

A disclaimer: I work as non-teaching personnel at one of the public schools here in Pasay City. The following requirements I’ll list are the ones that we are required to submit, it may be different from other government agencies.

As the traveler, I will provide the following in 4 copies for my Administrative Officer:

  • Letter of Intent (Indicating the reason of travel, where and how long your leave will be.)8c853163-e536-4fdb-8ef9-eade9fda53c8-1
  • CS Form 6 or Application for Leave (with the Superintendent as the last signature)
  • Invitation Letter (if applicable, I never experienced submitting this, though)
  • Profile of Teachers/Personnel Going Abroad  (it’s a form)
  • Certificate of Substitution (A letter that indicates who will do your tasks while you’re away.)
  • The Administrative Officer will then provide the following and have the Principal sign:
  • Report on Last Day of Service
  • School Clearance (that I’ve been cleared of all money, property and other accountability)
  • Administrative Clearance

Processing of the Authority to Travel Abroad involves three endorsements (6 endorsements if you’ll count the last 3 endorsements which is when your papers will go back to the school.)

  • First endorsement is from the school and will be forwarded to the Division Office.
  • Second endorsement is from the Division Office and will be forwarded to the Regional Office.
  • Third endorsement is from the Regional Office and will be forwarded to the Honorable Secretary of the Department of Education.

As I said, it’s easy to apply for a Travel Order. You may talk with your Administrative Officer, for sure he/she knows the procedure. I hope this blog post is helpful, too. Good luck! 🙂

43 thoughts on “Requirements to Travel Abroad for Philippines’ Government Employees

  1. please send a sample letter of intent through my email (
    i will travel in thailand in february. I am not sure if i will be granted a travel order for the pleasure reason. tnx


  2. Hi maam pwede po maka hingi ng sample mo of letter of intent…government teacher po ako…and i will travel abroad this coming may 2020 in thailand… asiatopmodel22@gmail.comemail me please po


  3. Me and my husband are both government employees. We have a daughter in a certain Asian country. We want to visit the sick brother of my husband. I am sure both of my husband and I will be given visa once we applied because we are both permanent employees. My question is ?Can we apply for my daughter’s visa who will be joining us in our US visit? At least one or two months.


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