Rilakkuma Cafe in Taiwan

Taiwan has a lot of character themed cafes and one of which is the Rilakkuma Cafe. For brunch last Friday, February 23rd, we decided to have it at the said cafe.
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Dinner at Thai Town Cuisine, Taiwan

In Taiwan but dining at a Thai restaurant? Why not, right? The first time I dined here was last 2016 and my boyfriend and I did enjoy it. They have a lot of food to choose from on their menu and everything is at a reasonable price. IMG20180221192708[1]

This year, my boyfriend and I went back to this place with his mother and these were all the dishes we ordered:Read More »

Gong Cha & Yakitori One for 2

After work last Friday, Wendy and I decided to have dinner before heading home amd since our office is near SM Aura, we decided to eat at the food court of the said mall.

Before going to the food court, we first bought our drinks at Gong Cha. She shared with me that she really loves the milk tea there and said that I should try one. Since I haven’t ordered from there before and because she keeps on insisting me (haha!) I bought one too.

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Homemade Pizza 

Hello guys!
Last Saturday, we made some homemade pizza for breakfast. It was very easy and for sure anyone can do this, too. I don’t know if when was the last time we had pizza because we’re used to have rice every meal (and even for snack. Haha)

It was nice that while we were at the grocery store last Friday, we remembered we wanted to make homemade pizza. We bought a loaf of white bread, pizza sauce, ham, cheese and pineapple. Read More »

My Top 5 Best Rainy Day Comfort Food


Philippines is in rainy season from June to September and what better way to keep us warm and feed our hungry tummy than our favorite rainy day comfort food? 😉

Listed below are my five favorite dishes that my family orders or prepares on rainy days:

1. Arroz Caldo — a rice porridge and is best with chicken. When my sister cooks this dish she would put a lot of ginger to spice it up and would also put one chili pepper. Yummy!

2. Nilagang Baka — or “Boiled Beef Soup”. One of my favorite dishes of all time. It’s a delicious stew of beef with vegetables and spices, and is best served steaming hot. Perfect on a rainy day indeed!

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