Homemade Pizza 

Hello guys!
Last Saturday, we made some homemade pizza for breakfast. It was very easy and for sure anyone can do this, too. I don’t know if when was the last time we had pizza because we’re used to have rice every meal (and even for snack. Haha)

It was nice that while we were at the grocery store last Friday, we remembered we wanted to make homemade pizza. We bought a loaf of white bread, pizza sauce, ham, cheese and pineapple. 

Making these was fun and my niece was helpful, too. I’d say it’s a good activity for kids. 🙂 She did most of the work – spreading sauce on to the bread and topping them with cheese and ham. (Yes, we forgot the pineapples. Haha!) We only used oven toaster for this, too.

It’s so yummy, guys! Loved all those melted cheese!

Yesterday, Sunday, we made another batch of pizza and this time we topped them with pineapples. We just love Hawaiian pizza. 😀


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