Say My Name

My sisters’ names are Vanessa, Melissa and Clairessa. Mine is Glaiza. You see, it doesn’t end with “ssa” and my sisters used to tease me that I’m adopted because of it. LOL! 😄 I thought I had to ask my mom why I was named as such.

Mom said I was named after Glaiza Herradura. The year I was born, she was part of That’s Entertainment, a variety show that mom used to watch, but her career started when she won the first ever Little Miss Philippines last 1984.

That’s the story behind my name according to my mother. 🙂 I like my name, some people think it’s unique but if given the chance to change my name? I’d probably choose Summer or Stephanie or Heart or any names related to flowers. 😀 Also, I remember I used to like the name Nikki so much.

How about you? We’re you named after someone or something? Would you change your name if given the chance?

***In response to The Daily Post: Say Your Name

34 thoughts on “Say My Name

  1. Great post! My name is different from a lot of people’s and I think my mom wanted all of her kids to have a unique first name and a more common middle name. So she named me Maysa Elizabeth. xoxo


  2. Your name is unusual and it’s interesting to learn the story behind it. I was christened Margaret but I changed it to Annabelle because I thought Margaret was an old people’s name. My mother told me she wanted to call me Annabelle when I was born, but my uncle said it was a cow’s name and that put her off! I wish he’d kept quiet.


  3. I was named after Lisa Marie (Presley) My mum wanted to name me ‘Storm’ as I was born during a horrific thunderstorm. I’m so glad my dad put his foot down ha!


  4. flay zah? or gleye- zah? just curious… it lends itself to stylized rap ala 80’s as in option one rhymes the name with displays the…. or option twothe name would might be ‘ll surprise ya (you) toss in some thuroughly important Yo’s and it’s be pristine. better mind what she say or glaiza ‘ll taze ya with a look which can cook your caboose yo. or; within waters art, glaiza ‘ll surprise ya caputuring your heart…yo…


  5. I think my mother probably wanted me to know my heritage but she also wanted me to have a way out too 🙂 Mine means “pretty moon”. I tease my hubby though, like you, he was different from his siblings. His siblings had the first initial F and he ended up with R as his…lol


  6. Great post! Your name is so unique, it’s great. 🙂 I was named after my paternal grandmother (Rosinda), but I hardly have anyone call me by my full name. It’s always just Rosy now.


  7. Hi Glaiza do you pronounce that as if its got SSA at the end? Siblings are the meanest, in my family I am the only without a second name * Sigh * yep I got teased to no end about being adopted
    I am Beaton but everyone calls me B its easier and I hate having to correct people how to pronounce it


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