Brain Freeze


Back in college, I remember I always love to paint my nails. My closest friends loved it, too, that sometimes we’ll go to Maita’s house to use their manicure set. We loved how they have a lot of nail polishes to choose from. Or sometimes she would bring one or two nail polishes at school and in between breaks, we’d paint our nails. 

It’s been months, I think, since the last time I painted my nails. I kind of missed it – paint nails and adore the color on my nails after. So I bought a nail polish, Caronia in Brain Freeze, one of their newest released colors and has a  MATTE finish. This is all my niece’s idea actually. It was her who convinced me to buy a new one and it’s the color of her choice too.

Applying it was tricky since it dries faster than a regular polish. I also applied two coats to achieve that color on my nails.

I like the color. It’s been on my nails for three days now and I’m loving it. 🙂


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