How happy I was to be with my cousin again after almost five years!

My cousin is having a job training here in Manila for three weeks and I was excited to see her again that I offered to pick her (and her colleagues) up from the airport. Upon seeing her, the first thing I noticed is that she has grown taller. Way taller than me and she’s only 22 (I’m 26).
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5 Reasons Why I Had a Great Shopping Experience with BeautyMNL + HAUL

We at BeautyMNL want you to feel your most beautiful. Every. Single. Day.

Filipina beauty is perhaps the most diverse in the world. We are a tribe of morenas, mestizas, and chinitas. Our hair falls in thick curls, gentle waves, or pin-straight sheets. Our smiles have made us famous in other countries, whether they’re framed by lips full or thin. No two Filipinas are alike—and that’s the most awesome thing about being one of us.

Our beauty doesn’t fit the mold—it breaks it. So it’s not hard to imagine why, in a world steeped in Photoshopped images and unattainable standards of perfection, it can be a challenge to appreciate our own look. And we know this, because we’re one of you, too! source:BeautyMNL

I’ve been seeing BeautyMNL on IG as people I follow often tag them but it never occurred to me to shopwith them before. That’s one of my regrets because it turned out, after shopping from their site; I had lots of reasons why I love them and that I should shop from them again soon.

They have a wide range of skincare and makeup products from cult favorites to local brands. I was also happy to see some Korean products from their shop. They also have accessories!

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Love > Distance: Together Again // Andy’s First Time Here in Manila

I’ve been with Andy for almost a week now and I’m so happy to be with him again after being away from each other for the past 9 months. Looking back, I feel like it’s so far away. All the waiting and video calls. It was hard. I miss him terribly everyday.

But here we are! Together again! A week longer than our Taiwan trip 9 months ago as he’ll stay here in Manila for 21 days. Yep, he’s here in Manila for the first time! ❤

Below is a daily record of what we’ve been up to:

February 22nd. Andy’s first day here in Manila! Because I went to the doctor first that morning, he waited for me at the airport for almost 45 minutes and he’s complaining about the heat here already. Haha! I was soooo happy seeing him. 😍 Waited for 9 months to finally hug him again! Read More »

The Happy List // January 2017

Happy February to you all!
The month that I’ve been waiting for is finally here! Why? It’s because I’ll be with Andy again. For those who do not know, I’m in a long distance relationship. Nine months ago, we met for the first time in Taiwan and we had an amazing 14 days together. This February, he’ll visit me here in the Philippines and I’m so excited! ❤

Anyway, this January, I had a lot of fun memories – big and small. I’m so glad January flew by smoothly leaving me things to be happy and thankful about.Read More »

WP’s shenanigans

Hi guys! 🙂
Feels like it had been a looong time since I last posted here, but the truth is it’s only 3 days ago. Hehe!
Anyway, I’ve been experiencing issues with my newly updated WordPress app — all the blogs I followed were deleted and my app won’t save changes every time I edit my drafts. 😦
After I updated my WordPress app in the latest version, this happened…


But I’m following everyone back. But I just can’t finish it in one day because I’m getting blocked from time to time.

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The sun is out | OOTD


As I have mentioned in my previous post, I spent a day with my friend and part of it was taking photos. Today, I’ll finally share them here in my blog. 🙂 After a week of rain, the sun finally came out. It was both a sunny and windy day which I really love. ❤ Wore this mustard colored blouse and floral skirt, and matched with a shoulder bag and nude flats. A very simple outfit, really. Heh! 🙂

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Who/What I Follow on Instagram

So I decided to blog about the people I follow on Instagram. I rarely follow people I do not know. But if you talk to me even on just my social media accounts and I fell comfortable talking to you then I might follow you as well. :D✌

This is actually just an A-J list. The next 10 will be featured soon. On the search option of IG, I typed the letter and whoever will be shown first is who I’ll feature here.

So, let’s start..

A – andrewwolff_
Andrew is a member of Philippine Volcanoes National Rugby Team and is also an actor. I met Andrew last April 6, 2014 because I his contest where in I’d go shopping with him sponsored by SM Mall of Asia. And so we went shopping!  It was such a fun day and Andrew was so nice to me. He even followed me back on IG and Twitter. 😍


B – biburly
Beverly is my classmate last semester. We’re not that close at school, though. But, I bet she’s nice.


C -forgottenprincess
She’s a Juan Direction / Island Media Asia fan. I met her once because the day before IMA’s mall show we agreed to meet first and go to the venue together. I haven’t talked to her for a long time, though.


D- bdjbuzz
This is a brand of a planner. I have their 2014 planner and it’s super cute and reliable. Last Sunday, they had the BDJ Fair and I attended it. I really had fun. Their were various activities and talks.


E – edwardsm24
He is one of the members of Island Media Asia and I met him once during their mall show. He’s so nice! He even gave me a Sprinto sunglasses!  🙂 as of now, together with his girlfriend, they joined the Amazing Race Philippines. Good luck!


F – fairmontnanjing
One of the hotels here in Philippines. Haven’t been inside the hotel, though. Soon! 😀


G – anagon
Ana Gonzales!! One of the Filipino bloggers I really adore. Met her once on the 7th installment of  Bloggers United. Hoping to meet her again. 🙂


H – babykiexha
Harlyn is my cousin. A proud mother of her daughter, Kiexha. The last time I met her was when I had my summer vacation at Iloilo last April 2013. Iloilo is an hour away from Manila via airplane.


I – dyolinaswift
Jolina used to be my classmate. We don’t see each other often because we have a different schedule but we’ve talked at Facebook last month because of the Feasibility Study. 😀


J – jhemaimerrick
Jeremy is an IMA fan, too. Also a fan of KPop groups and other celebrities. Also, he knows how to speak multiple languages. 👍


That’s it for tonight, guys. Follow them at your own risk. 😀

Twitter: @glaizapixie
Instagram: glaizabinayas