Feeling Like A Princess with Gown For Rent

The last time I wore a gown was when I was in high school, when I attended a prom and that was last 2007. The gown I wore was my cousin’s whom she wore at our cousin’s wedding. If I remember correctly, it was in orange (cringe) and off the shoulder type. It looked okay actually but if I had any other choice, I’d pick a different one.

Fast forward to today, imagine how happy I was that I was able to collaborate with Gown For Rent and be one of their brand ambassadresses. Finally! I had the chance to wear a gown again!

I went to their shop and saw all the beautiful gowns they have – from wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses, gowns for kids, for debut and others. I was sooo happy! I’d definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Why buy a gown that you’d only get to wear once or twice, right? It’s more practical to just rent. With Gown For Rent, you’d even get the chance to own the accessories that comes with the gown. 😉

Below are three of the gowns that I was able to try on.

Thank you, Gown For Rent, for giving me the opportunity to get to wear gowns again. You guys don’t know how happy I am with our collaboration.

For my lovely Filipina readers, here’s some good news.

·         Using my code “GFRGLZ826” you’ll be able to get 20% off when you rent any gown from them. Just simply go to their website gownforrent.com and use the code upon checkout.

·         I’m having an ongoing giveaway on Instagram! You can rent a gown for FREE! with these simple mechanics here.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing this. 🙂 Don’t forget to join my giveaway!

How about you? Share your best moment while wearing a gown you really like. If you have some photos, tag me on Twitter or Instagram, I’d love to see them! ❤️

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